When David Met Sarah

A Fictional Tale of a Small Town Affair
Sarah is Very Hot and David is Left to Rot


David and Sarah first meet in Birdcage Walk in Malmesbury. David is passing through on his way into town when he sees an acquaintance with a small group of Christians preaching on the street and so he stops to say hello, and it is here where he is first introduced to Sarah.

He takes one look at her and he is hooked in a second

Then they begin to talk to each other and David soon becomes aware much to his disappointment that Sarah is married with two children. So after chatting for another half an hour or more, David leaves knowing that he has no chance with this beautiful woman as she is already spoken for and also a well respected leading member of the Abbey Church. Religion being of something rather alien to David, himself a non believer.

However – much to his absolute astonishment just over a year later and many more visits and chats with Sarah in Birdcage Walk and in the Abbey Cafe, David finds himself in a secret relationship with Sarah, by her stipulation. Then the fun and shocks begin. Sarah is truly a person of two halves. The one everyone else knows, a school teacher and leading light of the church studying at ecclesiastical college for her theology degree. Then there is her other self, hidden from all except her husband who must have experienced some of her strange behaviours, and of course David to whom she has confided all her inner self, to such an extent that no one else has ever been privy to so much detail about Sarah before in her whole life.

So here begins a two year relationship during which David will soon discover that Sarah has Histrionic Personality Disorder, and much to his regret, having now truly fallen in love with her. And so three years later, having set eyes upon her for the first time ever in Birdcage Walk, his nightmare now continues and to this day, and will continue too, right into the foreseeable future. The reason why this nightmare comes about is as a result of Sarah’s behaviour. Sarah is fully aware of all her actions, what causes them, and she knows full well of how their disastrous outcome will effect all those involved.

So we jump ahead a year in our story, the rest of it can be read else where, and so here follows some of the shocking truths about our Sarah who is a dedicated leading Christian of the Church of England and also of the Baptist Church too.

Sexually Seductive and Provocative Behavior

Sarah asks David on several occasions over the period of their relationship if he has ever had a threesome. It sounds as if she is suggesting her approval of the idea and wants to know if he also thinks it is a good thing to participate in.

Then on a separate occasion she texts him early one morning to say she’s been up till late the night before trawling through all the many photographs of girls on this website that he himself has taken over the past years, many of them of ex-girlfriends, she herself not knowing which are which and thinking most of them were at one time or another a girlfriend of his. Then Sarah writes in the same one, of her many texts to David, that she has decided which one of his ex-girlfriends she most fancies, and it is Jeannette that Sarah would most like to sleep with.

Then a few weeks later Sarah explains where she has secretly disappeared to that weekend, and it was to meet one of her best friends whom has traveled down from up North to stay in Upton-on-Severn for a festival, her best friend having brought her husband along with her. Sarah goes on to explain that this couple are regular participants in threesomes, and that she Sarah has been staying with them over the weekend.

This is followed a little later by a suggestion that David might come and stay the night at Great Malvern in the hotel accommodation that Sarah uses when she attends theological college there on a regular basis. David is pretty sure that Sarah is preparing him for something and making the arrangements.

Self-centered and rarely showing concern for others

These suggestions of things they should do together are a regular part of their relationship. Only with an unexpected outcome. For Sarah first puts forward these ideas and then suggest the arrangements. Then when it comes to the time for these events to take place, Sarah disappears and a few days later, goes into detail about how she has been to an event all by herself or with other family members and thoroughly enjoyed herself without the slightest bit of embarrassment at having left David behind without informing him of her last minute changes to her plans.

Sarah builds up the hopes and desires David has to be with her, and share in experiences such as for instance, a visit to Rhossili in Wales, Fairford Air Show, and WOMAD as just a few examples, along with many other places and events. All these wonderful times they are going to spend together are always carefully avoided by Sarah at the last moment, where she goes off and does them with others so as not to reveal the existence of her secret boyfriend to any of her friends and family.

Another plan Sarah then goes into detail about, is the both of them moving to Wales to live together, so after David has researched all the details of selling his house and finding a suitable place in Wales and Sarah finding a teaching job there and all else that they would need to do together to make it happen, Sarah quietly drops all mention of it, just when she has David convinced it is actually going to happen.

Sarah has regular plans for the both of them but unless these rendezvous can be hidden from her family members, such as times she is out of the house on regular errands having taken her children to other events where she will be returning to pick them up several hours later, then they will always evaporate into an excuse as to why she can’t make it or why she is late and has let David down once again. Yet Sarah thrives upon the excitement she’s generating in him of being alone with her, even if it is just to go shopping together.

The Glass Caterpillar Meets The Trimmed Bush

Most thrilling for Sarah is the suggestion that they can be together somewhere for “Naughties” as she calls it, and up pops the hint of threesomes again. David again thinks Sarah is making plans for a meeting with Sarah’s girl friend from up North and himself, to stay with Sarah at Great Malvern under the guise of her regular study days away from her family and home and staying in the accommodation provided by the college, of which Sarah then texts with Messenger to David, photographs of the room she sleeps in during her days studying there for her Master’s Degree in Theology.

All of this is so as her husband and children will be none the wiser. Pretty much like the whole secret adulterous love affair Sarah is having with David for all these two years, along with all their secret meetings together for her “Naughties”. Then one day David meets Sarah at her place of work at the farm in Brinkworth, and out walks Sarah dressed only in a T-Shirt and Hot Pants, she then strips to just her knickers, in broad daylight, out in the open, puts on her dress and says, okay lets go, and off they drive in his car to an appointment she has in Chippenham.

Sarah also loves turning up at David’s house dressed in those very same, tight fitting, and very short Hot Pants, and in just a T-Shirt only, with no bra. So you see Sarah is quite a shocking person and full of surprises for someone who openly preaches the values of her religion to one and all, whilst studying to become a fully qualified leader in the Church of England, which happens to include the option of actually becoming an Ordained Vicar, her original goal, and now impossible due to her sinful activities.

Altar Cloths & Purple Paraments

When David’s new curtains arrive, Sarah is quick to commandeer the tiebacks and diverts one to each corner of their brand new king sized bed. David wonders what Sarah is doing exactly, and he is then given instructions on how to secure each of Sarah’s ankles and wrists to each corner of the bed with a white lace tieback, her unopened Purple Umbrella sits atop of the headboard, “If I go through the roof, then you’ll need it to keep the rain out,” she says!

The Purple Umbrella © David Forward

David is so in love with Sarah he has even made out his Will with her as the sole beneficiary of his entire estate – he is so very sad when Sarah returns his house keys never to be used by her again. He continues thinking about Sarah night and day. Heartbroken!

Sarah is like a 12 kilo gold ingot, if someone struck it with a fireman’s axe and put a large dent in it, you wouldn’t throw it in the trash. For like the damaged gold ingot which still has its same value, so too does a damaged Sarah. Sarah has so many brilliant qualities and so many good things about her, if she was yours you’d hang on to her for dear life. That is why her husband must have stuck with her for so long even though he must have gone through hell, for she is my definition of human gold.

David says if only he could have been granted three wishes, they would have been:-
1. That Sarah had never ever been cursed with Histrionic Personality Disorder.
2. That he should never have ever, have been made to feel so strongly, that he had to reveal the misery that Sarah knowingly inflicted upon him.
3. That he and Sarah could have been the perfect match he initially thought they were, or him having been manipulated into believing they were.

A year has passed since Sarah kicked David in the balls metaphorically speaking

Never was so much promised by Sarah to David, as when she first told him that day in the Abbey that she was going to end her marriage and evict her Husband, then inviting David to replace him as her new life partner. “Here’s your chance,” she said, “I’m giving you the Green Light.”

Little did he know what a nightmare he was being sucked into!

“This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents
are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.
Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.”

It’s very important that someone who may have mental health issues
should receive the best help as soon as possible.