Webby & Wobbly

Wooky Woodland Flowers © David Forward

Wooky Woodland Flowers © David Forward

Hayhoe and away we go!

Way back in 2015 a very long time ago there lived an Annelectrion. A White Wishh of Wiltshire. One of those rarely seen legends of the Wooky Woodlands. Hardly anyone had ever seen her in the flesh but many, if not most, had heard about or seen her artwork cast about the countryside as if blown in on the surf of a snow drift.

Many a young child had ventured into the Wooky Woods with their friends in the summer months on a dare to see who would venture farthest in. Then one day it is said that two little girls actually found the Wooky Woodland home of the Annelectrion. A beautiful skinny little red head wretch and her chubby pal from the same street had returned late home early one evening, just as their mothers began to worry as to their where abouts.

The very next morning after having been sent to bed without their supper the two little girls were called in by their parents to explain themselves and their prolonged absence from the family gardens.

Webby and Wobbly began their tale and soon had their brothers, sisters and mums and dads all in fits of laughter at their incredulous tale. They all could smell the woodland flowers Webby and Wobbly described stitching into chains to adorn their pretty little necks.

After about an hour of being lost and wandering around in circles the girls had decided to follow the rabbits. That’s when they came across the tiny red bungalow hidden deep in the darkest corner of Wooky Woods.

At first Webby crept forward on her knees towards the bungalow whilst Wobbly hid behind a very large chestnut tree. The wind had picked up by now and conkers were raining down scattering the rabbits and also driving Wobbly from her cover.

Webby, her long red locks flowing in the breeze, stood up and peeked through the bungalow window. Wobbly tip toed up behind her with her hands full of conkers and poured them down the back of Webby’s dress and at that moment a gust of wind sent a shower of the orange brown nuts cascading off the bungalow roof and striking them both on their scruffy heads.

Webby and Wobbly both burst out giggling and crouched down behind a bush in case someone in the bungalow should hear them. They both looked up at the swaying chestnut boughs casting their orange baubles over the ground all around them. It looks so beautiful Webby, it matches your hair.

Then another gust of wind sent a cloud of pale yellow blossom from a nearby tree gently floating down upon the bungalow roof giving it the appearance of snow flakes in the shafts of light struggling through the Wooky Woodland canopy.

Up above there was bright blue sky flickering amongst the dark green leaves in the shadows mixed with bright green leaves next to the shafts of light guiding down the snow blossom onto the deep red of the Annelectrion roof with its single chimney pot, calling out to the Hodge Ravens.

With all these colours streaming into the innocent wide open eyes of Webby and Wobbly there suddenly came a shadow moving from tree trunk to tree trunk away in the middle distance up wind into Wooky Woods. Someone was approaching, their footsteps cracking on broken twigs and throwing up pollen from the carpet of tiny mauve flowers under foot, its scent wafting up the twitching nostrils of Webby and Wobbly hiding behind the bush.

Webby and Wobbly looked at each-other and then at the wondrous woman coming their way. Then a soft friendly voice called out, Hello girls, I can see you. Are you hiding from the rabbits. It’s okay I’m not Little Red Riding Hood and there is no Big Bad Wolf hiding inside eating Granny.

Webby and Wobbly came out from behind the bush and asked the lady if it was her bungalow. Why yes of course it is. Do you like it, doesn’t it look pretty with its dusting of blossom and its carpet of conkers.

Why yes we were just admiring it and wondering if this was where the Annelectrion lived but we can see you are not her for you have such a beautiful smile and such fantastic teeth and the way you have decorated your hair with all those coloured braids matches your pretty little bungalow. Have you ever seen the White Wishh of Wooky Woods yourself, asked little Webby.

You cheeky little monkeys, I am Annelectrion. Did you think she was a witch or something. Wobbly poked Webby in the back and they both burst out in fits of giggles again. Then there came another whispering wind through the trees and blew some of the papers Annelectrion was carrying under her arm, up into the air to come fluttering down again at the feet of the girls. The skinny one quickly bent down and picked them up and was about to hand them back when she stopped dead. Wow look at this Wobbly!

The girls gazed long and hard at the large sheet of cartridge paper. This is fantastic Miss, did you draw it? The White Wishh now glowing under a shaft of sunlight asked the girls if they recognised what the drawing was of. Why yes that’s out street and all the children playing games, how did you do it without us seeing you. I did it this afternoon whilst your parents were wondering exactly where you two were, so I suggest you run along home quickly before they get too worried about you.

Can we come and visit you again Miss. Yes girls but be sure to ask your mothers first and tell them you met Anne the Artist, they both know me very well, run along now for I have to polish all these conkers and draw a picture of the blossom drift upon my roof with its chimney all so lonely, bye for now children.

Hodge Lane Trees 07 © David Forward

Hodge Lane Trees 07 © David Forward


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