The Dungeons of Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga's Hut © Inuciian
Baba Yaga’s Hut © Inuciian

Lorenzo entered the forbidden forest one early mid-summer morning. He had dreamt the night before of a meeting with a beautiful girl who was surrounded by trees, and so he believed he heard the calling of the Forest Fairies and therefore must set out on the secret path to Bradon.

As he wandered along the Purple Ribbon Trail he saw all types of forest creatures around him, red squirrels, muntjacs, butterflies, and the birds and bees to name but a few. Up above through the forest canopy flickered down the sunlight casting shadows and lighting up the leaves of the trees with a flickering glow in the breeze.


Soon he was into the depth of the forest so deep that if it weren’t for those Purple Ribbons tied to the branches every so many yards, then he would now be completely lost and unable to find his way back or out of the mysterious green thicket. Then he came to a clearing and through the foggy looking rays of light dashing down upon the forest floor, Lorenzo caught a glimpse of a female form darting before him from tree to tree hiding behind their trunks.


He thought he hadn’t been seen and so crept slowly and carefully towards the edge of the clearing to see if he could get closer to the young lady he thought was hiding from something or someone up ahead. Then he accidentally trod on a large twig, it snapped like a hunter’s gunshot in the quietness of the day. Lorenzo looked up and all around, and there before his eyes and walking towards him into the clearing was a pure purple vision of beauty he had never seen any where before.


Lorenzo stepped out from behind the bush and into the Bird Cage that was the clearing and stood in amazement at the sight before him, for there stood the girl who he had seen the night before in his dream. Lorenzo dared to call out the name Sarah, as that is what she called herself in his dream. Her head turned sharply in his direction and she beamed a huge smile of recognition at him as if she had known him for eternity, yet this the first time the two of them had ever met, or so it seemed.

Louise & Lorenzo - Blue Plaque - Bird Cage Walk

The two of them walked slowly towards each other until they were a yard apart and then she held out her hands towards him and he raised his and reached out taking hold of hers, and they stood for several minutes just gazing into each others eyes and beaming smiles as if of recognition of two long lost friends finally having found each other after many long years of searching. Then they both took a step forward and hugged and embraced holding each other so tightly they were now as one.

Then the girl spoke to Lorenzo and said, “My name is not really Sarah, you may call me Louise.” Lorenzo then asked Louise if she would like to walk over to the edge of the clearing and down the bank to the stream where they could sit and talk. Louise took Lorenzo by the hand and lead him on whilst telling him she knew where he had been all the past year. “You were locked up in The Dungeons of Baba Yaga.”

Home of The Doyley Witch - Bradon Park Estate

Lorenzo looked at her in amazement at how this stranger who said she had just come from the Normal College in Bangor, and wondered just how she knew all about him. Then she said to Lorenzo, “It was me who had you cast into the cells beneath The Hut on Chickens Legs. You were a very bad boy and I had to teach you a lesson, don’t you see who I am now?”

Lorenzo grinned a huge innocent looking smile and said, “Of course I knew it was you Sarah Louise the moment I saw the shadow of your form darting in and out of the suns rays striking through the canopy, for you are burned into my memory for ever and I will never ever forget you as long as I live, and I beg your forgiveness for all my sins.”

Whilst sat on the bank of the stream Lorenzo had nervously been making a Daisy Chain and now he raised himself to his feet and having joined both its ends together, placed it as a crown upon Sarah’s head. Then Sarah got to her feet also, and once again beamed her smiling eyes into his. At that moment there was a huge clap of thunder from the summer storm brewing overhead. She could see Lorenzo saying something to her, but it was lost in the loud clap and its following rumble that shook the whole forest floor beneath them.

She never heard his words as he asked her to marry him, and at that moment the heavens above them opened and then came a torrential downpour soaking them both to the skin. So they sought shelter in the woodman’s hut across the trail. It was here they renewed their friendship and promised to never ever again fall out with each-other no matter what their differences. When the rains stopped, the sun again came out from behind the big black clouds that had been hanging over Lorenzo, and now they both bathed in the heat of the blazing glory of the mid day sun, and up in the clearing there in the sky above them, a beautiful Rainbow formed right before their warm loving eyes.

…and they lived happily ever after. Yea! Right!

Little did he know that he was just the next victim of a Love Leech who’d suck him dry and then spit him out.