Devil Woman

Temptation of Saint Anthony Abbot

It was on the road to Crudwell that the Evil Christian known as Sarah Eight Five, met David One Three, and it was here that she stole his heart and destroyed his soul then cast him into oblivion and eternal pain.

She told Dwight a Sob Story, she told Alice a Sob Story, she told Mandy a Sob Story, she told Stella a Sob Story, she told Chris a Sob Story, in fact she always told every one she met a Sob Story, and she told David lots of Sob Stories. Sarah sought attention from all and sundry with her Excessive Flirting and Sob Stories, it soon became obvious that she was actually ill.

It was no excuse though for she knew she was, and she knew what she was doing, yet thrived on the excitement of telling her Sob Stories to all her friends and acquaintances, she had in fact become a serial Sob Story Teller extraordinaire. Every one else though was to blame for all her imaginary disasters that had made her life so miserable. But it was all a lie for she had and did and still does many things in life that others just cannot afford or be gifted with.

Sarah has her beauty, her talents, her intelligence and her family. Yet continues to destroy what many others would die for. For someone who has a Bachelors and a Masters in Theology, I can only describe her conscious behaviour as Evil. When I first started my journey on the road to Crudwell, I though I had met with a gift from God but at my journey’s end I knew I had met with the Devil Woman herself.

There is something incredible going on here for I have never hated anyone before, but I have loved Sarah intensely, and yet now I find I also hate her just as much as I love her. This conflict in my head is so demeaning and demoralizing.