Sarah’s Secrets


Wonky face
Purple lips
Chop n flick
Teases to the extreme
Mole map body
Ballerina feet
Lies like she invented it
Dyes her hair
Cries like a film star
Claims she’s normal
She’s actually quite unique
Keeps a pony
Loves rainbows
Takes a deep breath – – – Right!
Very good driver
Has a dog called Nico
Dresses like a model
Can run like an athlete
Swims like a fish
Keeps chickens
Is an excellent cook
Reads books
Writes essays
Wears pixie boots
Is a qualified teacher
Superb mother
Beautiful children
Can paint and draw well
Enjoys singing
Perfect smile
Blue eyes
Original natural blonde
Perfect body
Multi cultural
Flirts as if she invented that too
She said she loved me, she lied
We both fancy Jeannette
Home educated her children
Went to a very ‘Normal’ college
Good at sewing
Likes walking the Purple Ribbon Trail
Her skin is perfect
Used to have a pet rat
Has a beautiful shoulder bag
Looks good no matter what she’s dressed in
Just the right height
She said she loved my stories
Likes waking up at 3 in the morning
She once said, “This is what I’ve fantasized about.”
Likes smashing holes in blocked up fire places
Her favourite colour is purple

Wonky Sarah © David Forward