Georgina Bennett

Daniel's Well Clapper Bridge © Amanda Jayne Payne

Daniel’s Well Clapper Bridge © Amanda Jayne Payne

Today I stood on that tiny bridge like I have so many times before, but this time with tears in my eyes. So many memories of playing with my childhood friend Georgina, she with her blonde hair tied up in pigtails, she was always the cowgirl, whilst me with my black hair all the way down my back, had to be the Indian with a dirty old feather stuck in my hair.

We used to play here all the time, no summer holidays for us in some other country, instead paddling in the stream beneath, catching minnows with our tiny nets and plastic buckets is all we wanted to do. Sitting on the bank of the river with a piece of old chicken wire, some smelly old bacon is all we needed, tied with string so we could pull up crayfish and take them home. Pretending that we owned horses riding them through the fields, great imagination we both had.

Both our parents lived next door to each other with the river running at the bottom of our gardens in Burnivale, they both bought a boat together, so of course we had to get along no falling out. Same schools, but she was much more dedicated to that than me, she went off to university whilst I started work straight from school. All grown up with families of our own, wondering where has the time gone.

Last week my dear friend past away, fighting for 4 years, cancer took her away from her wonderful family and friends. So that is why I came here today just to sit and remember my remarkable old friend Georgina. Has she followed me down here to our bridge? There is a white shadow on top of this picture it’s not on any other pictures that I took today. I like to think that Georgina came with me today to visit our bridge just for old times sake.

Amanda Jayne Payne  –  09-08-2016