Tea On The Hill

I’m sat outside the school hoping to see a girl I had my eye on. The last bell has gone and the whole school are pouring out of the gates and making their way home into the town or to the buses to get to the villages, when out of the blue a complete stranger I’ve never set eyes upon before, runs up, grabs my arm and says hello, then with a big grin and giggling out aloud, turns and runs off down the road. The girl I originally had in mind to look for, suddenly completely went clean out of my thoughts. I turned and asked the nearest girl to hand, who was that who just tagged me, “oh that’s xxxx xxxxxxx”.

Now xxxx just happened to be wearing the latest fashion of the time, skin tight black leggings and seeing her in full flight disappearing down an alley way in the near distance was a sight to raise any male’s heart rate, I quickly turned to the helpful girl of knowledge and asked if she knew where xxxx lived. Armed with this exciting fact, I set off in hot pursuit, but having to travel around a few streets to get to the other end of the alleyway, I had lost her. So I thought, I’ll leave her enough time to get home and have her tea, then I’ll go and find her house using the helpful girl’s information and see what happens.

There I am outside her house, engine off, and sat there thinking, when out comes another girl, also a new face to me, and enquirers if I h a p p e n to be looking for some one in p a r t i c u l a r, amazed at her feminine intuition, I supply the answer and she awaiting her cue, says wait a minute, I’ll go and get my sister. Out comes xxxx and immediately invites me into her house where I’m introduced to her mum, who asks me if I would I like a cup of tea. From that moment on xxxx had her tagged biker boy, he was all hers, and with strict instructions not to be late home from her mother, we set off for a spin on the Green Bean, skin tight leggings squashed against me, her arms tight around me, red hair flowing in the wind below her helmet, her chest pressed hard against my back. Mission accomplished, unbreakable smile on my face, I set the final destination as my house, at last I had a new girl friend or rather, she had me!


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