Sandra Sprockett

It was my life long ambition to visit a Job Centre so I un-jobbed myself, mounted the Green Bean and set forth to Tetbury. Everyone knew that Tetbury had the ultimate Job Centre at this time in history.

Right at the bottom of Long Street where it joins New Church Street, Hampton Street and London Road there was the old police station which had been converted into a Police Museum and in the front room next to the road was the Tetbury Job Centre.

I parked up somewhere really close by, it may have even been right out side. Took off my white open face helmet with peak and my Fly in the Eye protectors, did up the chin strap and put my arm through so as the helmet was on my arm like a hand bag with my hand through the opening of the full face helmet I carried for occasional pillions.

The Job Centre was just a small room with jobs advertised on cards displayed on boards on three of its walls the other being the window looking out towards New Church Street. Inside there was a middle aged lady sat behind her desk with phone at hand awaiting to be of any help.

These were the good old days when jobs were on cards, you took a note of the number, handed it to the lady behind the desk and she would ring up the local company and ask if the client could pop around for an interview in the next 20 minutes. It worked very well and I got most jobs in this fashion.

As I walked in and turned to close the door behind me I noticed there was just one other person viewing the cards just behind the door so I started with the other wall, my back to the desk and the other person over my shoulder to the right.

The other person was deep in conversation with the lady and at first I just studied the cards but very soon I was taken in by what I could not avoid hearing. The other person was a 16 year old girl having just finished at Sir William Romney’s School and looking at what the future could hold.

I was so amused at her attitude and humour I couldn’t resist several innocent glances over my shoulder at who could be so entertaining. She looked very attractive and I just knew my spare helmet would fit her. I carried on looking at factory jobs.

The girl then started chatting to the lady on the desk about motorbikes and how she liked them, the one outside looked very nice and she’d like to have a ride on one like that one day. I was struggling to concentrate by now and turned to construction jobs.

The girl finished studying the cards and turned to the lady on the desk and said she had to go to the post office at the top end of Long street over in the Market Place but didn’t fancy the walk. I immediately turned to face her and said, “I can take you if you like”.

That was it, I had instantly got myself a job as boy friend to the delightful girl in the Tetbury Job Centre and she too as girl friend to the lad with the bike she liked the look of. Well obviously our beaming smiles at each other helped a little but it was true, that’s how it all started.

The End


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