Lucy Lockett

Back in the old days of two wheels there came unto this town a rare and beautiful girl from the most northern stretches of the homeland well up beyond the valleys. Her looks so stunning I daren’t gaze too long unless the gods blew dust in my eyes. Like me, she too rode upon two wheels, pillion to her Smudge and I with my Sandra upon our Z Bean so green.

Then one fine day out of the blue and white she made her mark or rather her Mark made her! Well this is a fairy tale and someone had to be dreaming – it was me. Her rider asked if he could have a go on my Z Mo-Sheen. I leapt off at the chance, not forgetting to put the side stand down first of course.

He took the Green Bean by its bars and they rode it away bareback across the town, leaving me to take his bike minus its Welsh Gold – as it was a trial. I’d always fancied off road and knobblies, just like Sandra and I in the longest grass of the deepest countryside.

Mark and Lucy looked perfect upon the envy road burner and I suggested he borrowed it for a day or two whilst Sandra and I took to scrambling on their wild wheels. Secretly I imagined it was now me with Lucy’s arms around my waist as we roared off up into the Cotswolds.

Sadly this fairy tale didn’t have a glass slipper ending and a few days later it was back to normal for Dave, dreaming of grass greener than his Kwacker’s petrol tank, likewise nearly empty he would also dream of switching it to reserve, and suddenly finding a Lucy all of his very own, holding on tight as they sped off on that journey towards a never ending love.

* * * * *

What a brilliant site, every time I get on here I spend at least an hour browsing!!! I moved here in 1980, so only attended Bremilham school for 2 years, had a great time and some real laffs tho!!!! Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me(not many people do)!!! I moved around after leaving school and now live back in the town again, Malmesbury has managed to retain it’s charm and lets hope it does for many years to come! Still miss the Monk though, would like to have a game of snooker in there with a pint and a few old friends!!


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