Golden Block

We heard the news that Uncle Norm and Rob had come off of Black Beauty at Brinkworth and were in PMH. Steve rounded up the gang and we all donned our Wellies. Like Battle of Britain pilots we ran across the wet grass to The Golden Block, at the ready for its next mission. We leapt in and Steve fired her up, then off we set towards Swindon. It was raining heavily and The Golden Block was scooping up water just like the Flying Scotsman over the water trough. Every time we slowed up for a junction, four inches of water in the Mini would rush forward over the pedals, then as we accelerated away the wave would return and swamp our Wellington Boots in the back.

We arrive at PMH and made our way into reception looking like the cast of Monty Python’s Flying Circus but without our knotted handkerchiefs. Steve approached the desk and enquired where we’d find Norm and Rob. The receptionist told us which floor and informed us of the two visitors at a time rule. We made our way up in the lift and then along the corridors until we arrived at the correct ward. There through the windows in the doors we could see Norm and Rob in adjoining beds sat up smiling.

The four of us walked right in and everyone in the ward looked up and then down at our foot wear. We explained to Norm and Rob how Steve’s Golden Block loved to drink copious amounts of rain water from the puddles and they burst out laughing. They then told us how the night before they had set off from the village hall dance and had decided to take Black Beauty for a run up to London and back, only they didn’t stop on the 200 mile round trip except for petrol and had ridden right through the night. That morning Norm had dropped off asleep whilst rounding a corner and had drifted onto the grass where they both fell off in a gateway.

The nurse brought meals in for Norm and Rob and we took turns in feeding them but ate most of it ourselves. Visiting time was soon over and we said our goodbyes and sloshed our way back to the now partially drained Golden Block. Norm and Rob were soon patched up then released and Norm’s Special Black Kawasaki z750 was recovered back to Malmesbury and quickly restored to showroom condition. The Wellington boots were put away for another day and sadly The Golden Block was hung out to dry in the local scrap yard, having swam its final mission.


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