Gordon Williams

Gordon Williams © David Forward

Gordon Williams © David Forward

The Welsh Wizard of Willy-Hams

There was a young man from Llanelli who kept three ducks on his telly. He also kept chickens in the fridge called Mary, Mungo and Midge. On Sundays he’d take them all to church, then on his way home again he’d buy them all a sherbet dab, and if they were really good he’d pop in the fishmongers, and let them all sit on the slab.

Come the following week, the wind swung from the north, just as our young man was due to enter the river for his daily swim. So cold was it, the ducks refused to join him, taking refuge in the bushes, whilst the chickens, used to their deep frozen lodgings, were only too pleased to follow Gordon up to the waters edge.

Then just as our bird brained hero leapt off the bridge and was sinking towards the bottom, he had one of his brighter ideas. Bobbing up on the surface, he swam to the bank and then ran off down the lane, passing BaaBaa Black Sheep’s cottage, still not sold after all this time, he turned and grabbed the ‘For Sale’ sign, and legged it back to the Ingleburn Brook.

Tossing the sign into the water, he leaped back in, and pushed the floating sign up to the bank, where the three chickens then climbed aboard. He beckoned the ducks from beneath the bushes, who then also leapt aboard, and his idea was sold. Three ducks, three chickens, and the Bird Man of Brokenborough, now adrift, their Armada heading down stream, with their sights on the storming of Munden’s Docks, and the capture of the Top Secret Story Machine.


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