Daniel’s Well

Jackdaw City Limits © David Forward

Jackdaw City Limits © David Forward

Jackdaw City was the home of the 11th Century Superhero Monkman, the first Marvel Man of Malmesbury to leap off of our first Wooden Idea Abbey. He was up on the tower one day when he saw down in the valley below, Lorenzo the shepherd boy. Lorenzo was up to his old tricks, crying out to the townsfolk, that a big bad wolf was coming to gobble them all up. Just at that moment little Hannah Twynnoy came dancing across Daniel’s Well and Monkman, high up above the town hanging out his habits, could see a Tyger stalking Hannah. Eilmer! he shrieked at the top of his voice in horror at the situation below. Quickly Monkman grabbed the washing and tied it to his arms and legs to form makeshift wings, and without fear leapt off the Flat Pack Abbey and soared downwards, swooping low over Lorenzo then up and down again low over Hannah, up he shot again, then tumbled right down upon the Tyger, wrapping his bed sheet wings around the beast trapping him in a head lock, whence he quickly bundled his captive right down into the deep well of Daniel. And to this day if you put your beast ear to the well, you will hear the waters way down below roaring just like a Tyger.

Daniel's Well © David Forward

Daniel’s Well © David Forward

Daniel's Well Looking East © David Forward

Daniel’s Well Looking East © David Forward