Mini Moog

Mini Moog © David Forward

Mini Moog © David Forward

Two iconic Andy Warhol paintings of Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando sold for more than $151 million (£96m) at auction in New York, shattering pre-sale estimates by several million dollars.

Pop-art legend Warhol’s ‘Triple Elvis’ – a 1963 silkscreen depicting three images of the King of Rock and Roll posing as a gunslinging cowboy – sold for $81.9m (£52m) at the Christie’s sale yesterday. [12-11-2014]

The striking seven-foot tall work, derived from a publicity still for the 1960 Don Siegel-directed Western ‘Flaming Star,’ had been estimated to fetch $60 million.

The image Forward created above using the “GNU Image Manipulation Program” which is similar to what most people would know as photoshop, is too – very much in the style of Warhol. As you can see, it could also have been produced by anyone on the planet in the 5 minutes it took Forward.

Forward, who says his surname is as equally stupid as Warhol’s, and too claims a complete lack of any artistic talent, just cannot understand why it is – so called celebrities rush headlong into the fashion of “Look at me, I too am a moron with empty vessel upon my shoulders”, here have a slice of my ill gotten fortune.

Warhol’s crap is just pre-photoshop – cut and paste a few manipulated photographs and screen print them to card or canvas. This is just what I have done here says Forward. The only difference is I’m not famous for my fraud and I don’t have the World’s idiots clambering over themselves to copy this weeks fashion of placing a dog’s turd upon their heads.