118 Disco Dave © Tom Forward

118 Disco Dave © Tom Forward

Artwork may be just pretty colours and patterns but if beauty in its common sense cannot be used in the description of something claiming to be art then it is not art, full stop.

Whatever you work with be it metal, stone, clay, wood, otherwise or any drawing and painting materials, then you can probably draw too, if you can’t then it’s highly unlikely you’re an artist.

To be an artist you need to have a natural skill that most other people don’t possess. If you’re playing at being an artist, you’re not fooling anyone but yourself.

Real Artists produce technically clever representations of anything visual in a beautiful way even if the subject source is ugly. Just using artists materials to mimic others without having a recognisable talent does not make you an artist, period.

Art is the production of a 2D or 3D object that stands up on its own as a visual representation using rare unique skills incorporating beauty in its creation.

A so called piece of artwork that is intended to play games with peoples thoughts in a superior fashion of showing off your ability to manipulate words, is akin to those people whose natural talent is that of a fraudster and con person, only the weak and gullible will fall victim to your dishonesty, usually driven entirely with one objective and that is to bleed your victims of their money.

A true artist is sought out for their honest skill and abilities to improve our environment in a positive way that is recognised by anyone. Artistic taste can vary and everyone has their own ideas of what they like best but if you’re too arrogant to be honest about your choices then you should be attending philosophy lectures rather than galleries.

That’s my opinion anyway. Unintended hypocrisy maybe.