William of Malmesbury

William of Malmesbury © Malmesbury Memories

The History of The Kings of England

By William of Malmesbury has been re-produced here as a straight read for the lay person without any breaks or interjections from the references and numerous markers that are so distracting when attempting to read the original content from this version of the book, possibly an 1847 publication. Once you have read the reproduction here, then if you are driven to further research, you can seek out an original copy of the book and follow up on all of its very many reference sources.

The 40 page links below, link to a transcription from the original OCR scan, which means the Optical Character Recognition results, as usual with old texts, are not 100% perfect and after re-assembly, spell checks and more, you may still find a few word translation mistakes, due to the difficulty of the task.

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