Purple Parable


Louise & Lorenzo Purple Rose

They first met in Birdcage Walk, his idea of Heaven was to meet a girl whom he would truly love and she truly love him like wise, her idea of Heaven was strictly as her Fairy Tale book told her. It seemed that this was to be an occasion of two opposites meeting with nothing in common, yet she with her perfect smile, and he long ago having been given the nick name of Smiler, both experienced the very same sensation the moment they set eyes upon each other for the very first time having just been introduced by a mutual friend. There was an instant attraction between the two of them, yet each knew there could be no love at first sight, for she was of a strict belief in her book of Fairy Tales, and he the opposite, a complete unbeliever of fiction, to him his world revolved around truths readily proven by known facts, and she – well her being married with two teenage children and the three living with her husband abiding by the rules of her Fairy Tale book, prohibited falling in love with another man. That man having been informed of her situation from the outset and so he immediately pushed all thoughts of any love for her to the rear of his mind. He could look and talk but must keep his thoughts for her, secret and to himself.

They continued their conversation with each other as if speed dating had just been invented, each seeking out as much information about each other as one could manage in such a ridiculous situation. A fly on the wall would have thought there was a competition taking place to out smile each other, whilst they both laughed at what each had to say as if both knew exactly how to make the other as happy as a lark. Yet she was there to spread the word of her Fairy Tale book, whilst he was there in passing just acknowledging the time of day with their mutual friend. Neither had expected to find themselves in such a life changing random meeting of souls on that cold but sunny morning. Eventually they parted as he moved on his way to seek out further escape from his continued life of boredom. She and her friends continued to offer passing strangers coffee and a dose of fiction was also on offer to raise their spirits if need be.

He knew the following week the preachers of fiction would once again be there trying to entice other believers to stop for a talk, something he himself would have avoided at all costs if they had been complete strangers to him, but this was a small town and he seemed to know every one, and in passing would exchange greetings anyway. If he did stop to talk it would strictly be about the history of the town and at a distance from anyone that was obviously a believer, he would gradually move further away from the others so as not to be thought anything to do with the gathering. Yet the moment he set eyes on her for the second time, he found himself yet again attracted to her like iron is to a magnet, and then there they were once again in laughter and busily chatting away. He avoiding any talk of Fairy Tales, but easily keeping her attention on other subjects for which she too seemed as equally interested. Her group were armed with hot coffee and biscuits on a table to offer to their victims. He told her he didn’t like coffee and she instantly offered to go inside and make him a cup of tea to which he jumped at the offer as a reciprocal gesture of mutual attraction.

His instinct was that of gaining her attention in any way possible although his desires had to be suppressed and hidden as she was already a spoken for woman. Unknown to him she was having just the same feelings as he, and unknown to either they had both been having thoughts of the other during the first week they were apart. The second meeting soon became the third, fourth and so on as the weeks passed through out the summer. For just those two hours every Saturday morning he would appear on the scene, and she would be there waiting hopefully to go inside and make him the exception to the rule, and bring him out a cup of tea if he should show. During the first season of Fairy Tales on the street he would look forward to Saturdays and 10 O’clock in the hope she would be there, and if at first he couldn’t see her, then he’d wander into the Abbey and see if she was there preparing the coffee.

Hand Symmetry © David Forward

Six months passed by so fast and the Fairy Tale season was over as the winter weather set in. As the spring approached and season two of Fairy Tales on the street began, he was no where to be seen. Instead he was busy at home doing building work on his house. She looked out for him each Saturday in the hope he would appear but it was not to be. She felt sad and really missed him but come the following year he was back, and so was her smile and his to match. Then one day he learned from her that she was to start a new part time job in the Abbey Cafe. This meant he now had the opportunity to talk to her most days of the week. So he would walk into the Abbey at random times on different days in the hope that she would be serving at the cafe, and he soon learnt her hours of work and made regular appearances pretending to be just passing by purely by chance.

His attraction to her finally got the better of him and he began to write stories about the cafe and drop hints about them being there on his website in the hope she would read them. At first they did not mention her but he soon introduced her as a character along with her other work colleagues. When she too began to comment on the stories as did her colleagues, he knew he had her attention and then switched the stories to ones where she became the main character and slowly turning them into is own Fairy Tales, not her type, but of his own dreams where she would materialise as the fictional centre of his attention hinting strongly of his real feelings for her. She read them all and decided to make her own hints as to whether his stories were pure fiction, or he really had secret feelings for her. When her actions and words confirmed her suspicions she decided she would act, as she too could no longer hide her true feelings for him.

Sarah Louise © David Lorenzo

Then one day he came into the Abbey and greeted her in his usual way asking if she was okay and she too with her usual reply asking if he was okay, but he noticed with her reply that she wasn’t exactly telling the truth, he could see that she was really not happy at all and looked to be trying to hide her troubles. He said to her, you’re not really happy are you, and then he could see her trying to hold back her tears, and so he took her aside to listen to what she had to say and to comfort her. She then told him a tale so tall his heart nearly popped out of his mouth, as she made a suggestion to him he could not possibly refuse. She had been hiding a very unhappy marriage and was going to put a final end to it and this was now his chance to be together with her. He leapt at the chance as if doing a base parachute jump from the 25th floor.

They met alone together and she poured out all her troubles to him in such detail that afterwards she told him he now knew more about her personal life and secrets than any other person on the planet, as much of it she had never told to anyone before. His reply was to comfort and calm her and to explain how she had no reasons to feel guilty about all that had happened to her in her life that she had been struggling to cope with for so many years and without any help from anyone. He followed up his care for her mental anguish with many love stories for her and ones that helped her understand herself, in fact they soon came to about a hundred thousand words of help, encouragement, understanding, poems and love stories for her to make her a strong and confident person to once again make her a free person able to make her own decisions and claim back her own life under her own control.

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Like a board game consisting of one hundred squares each, their first ever moment of setting eyes upon each other was their first square each, and that is just a vision of each other and nothing else, you cannot love someone from just that first square, but as the year past they saw each other on a regular basis in private and they went places together and did things together, experienced things together and got to know each other intimately and so were able to fill in the other 99 squares each, and now they had all it takes to truly fall in love with each other. This he certainly did, so much so he really thought he had finally reached his Heaven after a lifetime of failed attempts to find such a person. He felt she too thought the same about him, her only doubts being all the awful things life had thrown at her causing her to doubt her own mental well being. He assured her she had now left all that behind and was ready to become her true self, not that wind blown lonesome tree on a mountain side, but now the tallest most beautiful tree in the forest, truly free to push out her branches in any direction she should choose, never again to be a victim of the violent storms that the poor disfigured tree on that mountain side had to suffer continually.

He thought he had finally found that most beautiful tree in the forest that he had been seeking for so long, he had stumbled out of the darkest depths and into a clearing where there before him stood the most beautiful woman, the woman of his dreams, his very own idea of Heaven. Only for her to now tell him she feared all these years of suffering had taken its toll and she really was too ill to escape the cage that had held her a captive bird for so long, she was so set in her ways she just could not bring herself to fly to freedom through the now open door of her cage, she knew she was now completely free and thanked him for making that possible, but she was just not ready for all that love brings. The damage to her mental health was far greater than he had first thought and she now needed to be alone and make her own way back into the world a small step at a time and entirely by herself and in her very own way by her own decisions. True love was far too much for her to cope with just yet, and so she pushed him away and ended his dream of Heaven once and for all. At first he was very angry but finally he didn’t blame her as he understood she just was unable to cope, but he does thank her very much, as she enabled him to know and experience what true love really felt like for the only time in his life, and for that he will never ever forget her and he will truly miss her forever.

The Purple Umbrella © David Forward
Was I a fool? I don’t think I’m a fool. But I think she sure fooled me.