Epic Day Out

Westbury White Horse © David Forward

Epic Day Out

We took off early from Winkler’s Drift where Tom had his Yard and headed south towards The Big Frome. The usual posers in their 4x4s were tailgating us out of our city through all the 30s and 40s and of course as soon as we hit the dual carriageway they were specks in our rear view mirror eating our wheel dust after their feeble attempts to pass us straight off the roundabout, butt suckers.

In The Big Frome Tom sniffed out the local Hot Dog Van’s but they were shut so we resorted to the Manor Café where Tom issued his recipe for a Man Burger.

We abandoned the Rocket Box outside the Café taking up four parking spaces, we expected there to be a small crowd of RS admirers gathering around it when we had finished our munchies. What not a soul to be seen, strange maybe we didn’t register in this hood without a boot spoiler.

Next port of call was the horse, we always stop up on Westbury White Horse whenever we get a chance, as we can keep an eye on Winkler’s Drift from up there whilst we take in the air and rinse our eyes with the view.

We sat on Tom’s favourite seat above the cliff where we took in the exquisite scene below of the old Cement Works, lovely, such a beautiful chimney, yes very fine lines indeed. Clickety Clack Clickety Clack.

Old Cement Works © David Forward

Then suddenly amongst the murmur of the surrounding groups of fellow countryside fans, there came the drone of four microlights. They came in fast and low as if they were double knitting pearl pattern in the sky, swooping and high turn climbing they dropped down over the Horse Sliders and onwards out into the vale below.

Soon after an autogiro chopped through the warm spring air and again all the children sliding down the white horse stopped to gape upward at the yellow bob-sleigh with lollipop sticks twirling above it, not as exciting as the previous display the kids quickly got on with wearing holes in their backsides.

Other aircraft came and went, obviously such variation was to avert our suspicion that we were being secretly watched but we knew better. The man setting up his base station radio here on the northern edge of Salisbury Plain was a sure give-away.

Five mountain bikers came walking past with their cycles and in full kit, helmets, gloves, Lycra and back packs. Their helmet cams took in our place of rest and we made appropriate faces for their video.

Back in the car park there were a large number of vehicles of all description but their efforts to look like ordinary families, just on a sunny day weekend outing, were just a little over the top. Who would bring dogs up here, picnic, play ball and queue for ice cream in this desolate chalk car lot.

The crowds for all intensive purposes, looked to be just like those at any other tourist destination, but I knew they were all undercover. Just then the clouds above moved on, and the warm sun beat down upon us all once again. Now we were all just ordinary folk on a day out in the countryside, once again.