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In the beginning computer monitors were heavy bulky items of 15 inch glass screens with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and the colour settings were often way off from the real colours of life. Most early web sites had tiny thumbnail images to keep bandwidth down to a premium due to the primitive dial up modems. Right from the first version of this web site in 1999 I decided all images should be available from links to be viewed full screen if desired.

Scanners were not that brilliant in the early years either so photographs were reproduced with very little editing before the pictures were ready to post to a web page. Technology moved along at a great pace and as fast as a website was created, then all its images had to be re-scanned to produce clearer and larger pictures to suit the ever increasing size of monitors and screen resolutions.

Keeping up with this technology has been a continual battle but it has had its advantages of improved scanning and image manipulation software. This has lead to all the pre-digital photographs having to be re-scanned yet again on new equipment along with many of the old negatives and slides as well. Due to the age of these items many hours have had to be put in to remove all the dust, scratches and other age degradation properties, using improved and updated software.

Many of the old photographs on this site have taken up to eight hours each to digitally clean up, sometimes longer so as to try and reclaim their original colours and quality for full screen reproduction to give the best visual experience of the subject. This is the main reason this web site has suddenly disappeared on many occasions, so as it can be re-built from the ground up in an attempt to keep up with all the software updates and taking full advantage of any new hardware acquired over the years as well.

When you look at the whole content of this website it might not be obvious but it is the result of 15 years continuous work to present a view of living a life time in Malmesbury and working in the surrounding area. Its not much to show really but some of us still exist in the slow lane where life can sometime be very dull indeed. So I hope the images on this site inform, inspire and bring back memories of when times were still full of hope.

David Forward 1968 © 1968 David Forward

David Forward 1968 © 1968 David Forward