The Value of Malmesbury Abbey

During the Domesday Survey in 1086, Malmesbury Abbey was one of the first places in Wiltshire to be assessed, and it was concluded that the Abbey and its lands and properties in its surrounding area and villages, was worth 3 knights’ fees.

A knight’s fee being the amount of land he would require to support his feudal duties. So in this case, for three knights, it equaled 43 square miles, and was all valued at the time, including the buildings, to be worth £188.14s, or a very rough estimate, £100,000 in today’s money.

That’s the difference of being able to buy half a ‘new build’ house today for your money, where as in 1086 you could have bought yourself one whole Abbey including 43 square miles of land plus its many other buildings scattered throughout 16 surrounding villages.

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