Strange Attraction

A while back over the space of about two years, whilst out and about wandering around Malmesbury at random on various days and months, I kept seeing a girl whom to me seemed new in the town. When ever I saw her, my eyes were drawn with magnetic attraction in her direction.

Then one day, on another route, on another street about 50 yards ahead of me, I see a small group of people chatting on the road side and as I’m approaching on the opposite side, I notice one person is this new girl, and she is pointing out to her friend that I’m over the other side of the street.

I’m still not close enough to recognise who her friend is but as she turns to look at me with a big smile, I recognise her as someone vaguely familiar and can’t help but wonder who she can be. I now have to cross the road to get to the next street where I’m heading and walk right past the group.

The friend turns and looks me in the eye and says hello, as I’m busy trying not to stare, I almost stop dead in my tracks as I glance back and answer her greeting. I can’t believe who it is as I haven’t seen her in so many years, it’s and ex girlfriend from way back. We say a few words and smile for a while, then I’m on my way.

A few months later in Chippenham I see the friend again, only this time she hasn’t seen me, so I call out her name across the street and wander over, where we have quite a long chat. During the conversation I ask who it was she was talking to last time I saw her.

She shocks me with the fact it is her daughter and I ask her who the father is out of curiosity, just incase on the unlikely chance I’ve heard of him. Oh yes I know him alight, he was my best friend for 15 years of my life. We continue with catching up on life and then go our separate ways.

More months past and now when I see this new girl in town, I know exactly why I’m so attracted to her, and wish I was born later. Then towards the end of these two years, there appears yet another new girl in town and the same thing, I have this strange attraction towards her looks.

Then one day I’m walking down an alleyway and she is coming in the other direction, dressed in Daisy Duke shorts and a tube top with the most amazing dream body to match, my eyes are out on stalks and I’m cursing being so old.

Weeks pass and I’m in the local supermarket having got all I need, I choose the till queue with only one other person in it and right there in front of my eyes is she, the second new girl, an assistant sat right there at the check out. As she scans all the items and I put them into plastic bags, I am fixed upon her looks.

All done, she looks up at me and I’m seeing stars, expecting her to say how much I owe. She smiles, I smile even more, she then says, you’re Dave Forward, aren’t you? Wow she knows who I am, my heart rate has doubled. How do you know me, I ask.

Oh my mum pointed you out at the Carnival. Whoa, who’s your mum. She tells me and I have another heart attack. I tell the girl how I used to have such a crush on her mum back in our school days, and still remember when she chased after me at the bus stop.

Now knowing her mother so well, may explain something towards my attraction to this super slim girl, and I ask her out of curiosity obviously, who her dad is, she tells me, I’m shocked yet again and reply how he was my best friend for so long. The queue is now waiting and I have to go on my way.

So not only are there two new girls in the town, both with mothers whom I knew so well all those many moons ago, and having failed to notice them in the first 20/25 years of their lives, and obviously having been in and around Malmesbury for all those years, but the twist. They both have the same father!

25 January, 2015
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