Gastons Road Bomblettes

Gastons Road - Street Sign © David Forward

Gastons Road – Street Sign © David Forward

The delightful boys in one pottery class decided they’d make tennis ball sized bomblettes with wet stoneware clay and fill them with powder paint from upstairs where the painting lessons took place, having made their bombs and stuffed their pockets full, they set off back towards Bremilham School and on their way had a rolling paint bomb fight all the way up Gastons Road until their ammo ran out, usually someone having ducked, the missile would travel farther than intended often striking a house or two, the one at the top of the street having been redecorated recently apparently received the most damage and for many years afterwards remnants of a paint bomb could be seen on the Gastons Road sign at the top of the street. I heard when caught the boys spent a whole day cleaning the damaged house as part of their punishment.