Betty Geezer

Ol’ Betty Geezer – The Terrible Teaser!

Betty was a DISCO Queen, she’d dance the steps all night long. She wore Dave Sturdy’s Boots and dyed her hair right down to the roots. She had a friend called Thin Lizzy who said, “You know that chick that used to dance a lot, every night she’d be on the floor shaking what she’d got,” that’s my Squeeze, she’s a little ol’tease.

Elizabeth Gaze Wearing Dave Sturdy's Boots
Elizabeth Gaze Wearing Dave Sturdy’s Boots

On Monday mornings Betty would run up and down the steps between Abbey Row and Burnivale to keep herself as fit as a fiddle. On Wednesdays she’d scrub door steps around the town to earn her keep. Then come Friday nights she’d be back on the dance floor, with all those around her shouting, more, more, more!

Betty Geezer's Steps © David Forward
Betty Geezer’s Steps © David Forward

Betty was a single girl but had her eye on Lorenzo. Then one fine day she spied him in the Market Cross sat in his Cortina. Betty hopped, skipped and danced her way over to Lorenzo. This caught his eye, and soon they were chatting, her body constantly moving, his eyes following her every move with great delight. Then right there and then, they made a date to see each other that very same night.

Lorenzo in his Cortina © Mike Fitch
Lorenzo in his Cortina © Mike Fitch

For many days to follow Elizabeth could be seen down Daniel’s Well teaching Lorenzo her favorite steps and how to shuffle dance, whilst he watched on and took many photographs and videos for her to use on her YouTube channel. Now they travel afar and she’s a star as a ‘Back Up Girl’ at the drag-racing strip, and he’s the driver of a competition altered called “The Terrible Teaser.”

Betty Geezer - Back Up Girl - The Terrible Teaser © David Forward
Betty Geezer – Back Up Girl – The Terrible Teaser © David Forward