The Unemployed

Each individual person ‘signed on’ is like a broken down car, they should be examined by a qualified person with the relevant experience for their type and model, the faults should be diagnosed and fixed before that person is ready to be put back on the employment road, where they can be confidently and safely used by their new owner or employer.

It is completely mad to send all the unemployed through an ‘automatic car wash’ as does the Government, and pretend they will be fixed and employable. They will still have their faults keeping them off the road and unable to pass an MOT.

Until the unemployed are individually matched to their most suitable employer and any faults preventing them from gaining work under their own steam removed by genuine training on an individual basis and providing them with the means to get to new places of work, then you will find it would be far more economical to just accept every country has a level of unemployment and faux schemes to get the unfortunates into realistic work will never succeed.

These scam schemes to appease those employed tax payers who complain about people on benefits, only stuff many more millions of tax payers pounds into the politicians friends pockets who are funded to run these bogus schemes that falsify the unemployment statistics by lying that the real unemployed are in so called training i.e. stuffing charity envelopes costing yet more millions and destined via most peoples letter boxes to directly go into the recycling bank.

Spend all those wasted and fraudulently diverted millions on actually mending broken down, out of work people and fixing their huge array of faults would save the working tax payer a vast fortune, give hope to the less well off and save having to allow in cheap foreign illegals to plug the gaping holes in this wreck of a country deliberately run aground upon the rocks by successive Governments who have nothing more than their own interests at hand and couldn’t give a toss about anyone apart from themselves, families and friends, until they squeeze their heads like maggots out of rotting meat, every five years at election time to spout their lies and to promise all they never ever intend to enable, whilst employed on your behalf and paid for through your taxes.

13 January, 2016
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