Chilhood Learning

Life may feel like a rehearsal but it is far from it, there are rarely second chances to get the important things right if you fail on the day. To succeed in a structured environment you have to be accustomed to a structured life style as early as possible. This is no great problem if you have been brought up in a successful family environment.

All to often these days the family structure breaks down whilst children are still very young. This can lead to the child’s learning patterns being considerably disrupted. We learn directly through instruction from others and without realising it, from natural and unconscious absorption of what goes on around us.

In schools there is a very structured system that teaches us how to follow procedures and equips us with skills that can be applied to most situations throughout life. But for many this procedure can be seriously damaged by the breakdown in parents relationships having a extremely negative effect on children which often goes hidden from the child’s friends and the adults involved with their upbringing.

If you are lucky to lead a stable structured life then your ability to learn and get along with others is greatly enhanced. Those children unfortunate to be living in chaos, neglect, abuse and or with people ignorant of how to cope with their own lives, can be psychologically damaged from a very minor degree to seriously needing professional help and sometimes with or without them being aware of their situation.

The lucky ones will go on hopefully to a successful adulthood, where as this can be far more of a challenge or an ambition sometimes never achieved by those with one or more of many handicaps that can hold them back from reaching their potential.

There are a great many unexpected opportunities to pick up skills or to be trained at work or in the class room that crop up during ones life and these opportunities can be very difficult to handle if you have handicaps holding you back.

The more problems you have the more, direct one to one help, you may require to catch up on how to manage your activities, and how to learn, before you can even take on absorbing information in a pupil teacher situation. This is where you need exceptional teachers, who not only understand their subject but also understand that the learning process for some is far harder than the subject matter itself.

People can often appear stupid but if taught how to learn are suddenly found to be quite bright underneath, just not having developed the skills to express themselves or recognise they have their own individual skills. The lack of good language skills is the most common reason why people fail to succeed in many fields, as it destroys their confidence if they find it hard to express themselves and make themselves understood.

I personally think the best way to help anyone with any sort of learning, is not only to have great patience with them but also to have learnt to understand what it is like to be in their shoes and how frustrating their situations can be if they are being dealt with too fast and not at their own pace.

The most difficult object to overcome for anyone can be a physical or mental personality trait, that may just not be possible to change and sometimes people are blind to their own problems through lack of life experience and need to be very tactfully made aware that we all have limits as to what we can actually be or do.

30 July, 2017
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