Singing in the Wires

Anne Hayhoe - Singing in the Wires © David Forward

Anne Hayhoe – Singing in the Wires © David Forward

Malmesbury Public Library – 2015

An ongoing, collaborative Art project, between artists Anne Hayhoe and the people of Malmesbury and environs, that explores together our thoughts and feelings towards the places we inhabit.

Over the weeks Anne will present, on the walls at Malmesbury Library, a gradually building structure of expressive drawing, painting, and lyrical writing, onto which you are invited to add your contributions. Anyone can ask Anne to draw a favourite local view, building, scene or walk. Anyone can respond to Anne’s drawings with their own words or artworks on paper (no photographs please), to be displayed.

Together, over time, we will create a unique collaborative view.

Note: All artwork donated and displayed will become the property of Malmesbury Public Library.