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Rob Bamford & Ron Trim © Ferret Fotos

Rob Bamford & Ron Trim © Ferret Fotos

Speedway author and unpaid Malmesbury Memories’ guest writer Robert Bamford turned his attention elsewhere when he caught up with locally-based businessman, entrepreneur and all-round character Ron Trim for a rare insight into his life and how he literally scaled the heights!

Ron was born in Rotterdam, Holland, in 1954. Following a typical Dutch education, he journeyed to England – initially on holiday – in 1973. During this sojourn, he met his sweetheart, Sue, and they subsequently married after a whirlwind romance the following year.

The couple lived in Holland for four years, but moved to England permanently in 1978, settling in the quintessentially quaint hamlet of Preston, near Wootton Bassett, which was granted royal patronage by The Queen in 2011 and since has been known as Royal Wootton Bassett.

The Trims were domiciled happily there for 23 years, prior to moving to Malmesbury because they needed more space for their two children, Johan and Catherine.

Backtracking, Ron started his business, initially as a window cleaner in 1978. From its humble beginnings, this eventually morphed into the title of Trim High Rise Maintenance Ltd. The company, which undertakes work nationwide, offers a wide range of services, including gutter clearance, bird control, pressure washing, painting, general building repairs, as well as window cleaning.

The company specialises in maintenance contracts with skyscraper constructions, whether they be office, commercial or residential. Work is conducted by abseiling down buildings via rope access. ‘I saw a gap in the market,’ explained Ron. ‘Window cleaning was fine, but this provided the opportunity to expand the business and for us to undertake more work.’

To those who know him and his penchant for frequenting the watering holes of his chosen town, in idiosyncratic manner Ron darts from “Mr. Sociable” to “Mr. Irritating” and back again. However, although described by some as being like Marmite, one thing is for sure: this crazy Dutchman cannot be ignored!

I”ron”ically, despite being unfazed by heights, our Mr. Trim has a phobia about flying. Being an avid Arsenal supporter, he shares this fear – known as aviophobia – with fellow “Non-Flying Dutchman” and Gunners’ legend Dennis Bergkamp, who signed for the club for £7.5 million from Inter Milan in 1995 and, over an 11 year period until his retirement, netted 120 goals from 423 club appearances.

21 June, 2015

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