Riot police were called to Malmesbury late last night when violence spilled out onto the streets from the “Great Debate” being held in Malmesbury Town Hall. It all started back in the times of Queen Matilda when it was decided a “Castle” was no longer wanted in Malmesbury. The Athelstan Museum had decided that they would put on a special “One Show Case” exhibition to commemorate the demise of the last “Castle” in Malmesbury. A competition was held for local “Artists” to submit their “Vision” of what the “Castle” would have looked like, and the winning entry, a sculpture, was donated and displayed for all the “Humour Loving” residents of the town to come and laugh at in its own dedicated glass case. Then to encourage the masses and majority of townsfolk, known to be a really miserable old bunch of disbelievers and fuddy-duddy, Luddite, crashing bore, Colonel Blimps, a Heritage Trail along the lines of the recent Cotswold Hare Trail, was organised by the Museum Clique. It consisted of small clay models, resembling what a dog might deposit on the pavement, and left all over the town, each pointing to another and when all were followed to their ultimate destination, one would find oneself in the Athelstan Museum staring in absolute disbelief at what one can only describe as The Davros of all Time Travel Turds, there in its very own Glass Tardis, topped off with Toy Tiger, an addition much appreciated by its artist, and such a delightful Crowning Glory to such a Panthera Tigris Excretion. It was from the horror of this latest museum exhibit that the “Great Debate” came about, tickets selling out within hours of their going on sale in readiness for “Wessex Week.”

Forward Vision

During the Domesday Survey in 1086, Malmesbury Abbey was one of the first places in Wiltshire to be assessed, and it was concluded that the Abbey and its lands and properties in its surrounding area and villages, was worth 3 knights’ fees.

A knight’s fee being the amount of land he would require to support his feudal duties. So in this case, for three knights, it equaled 43 square miles, and was all valued at the time, including the buildings, to be worth £188.14s, or a very rough estimate, £100,000 in today’s money.

That’s the difference of being able to buy half a ‘new build’ house today for your money, where as in 1086 you could have bought yourself one whole Abbey including 43 square miles of land plus its many other buildings scattered throughout 16 surrounding villages.

Devuan GNU+Linux

Devuan GNU+Linux is a fork of Debian without systemd. Its Beta release marks an important milestone towards the sustainability and the continuation of Devuan as a universal base distribution.