Athelstan Museum © David Forward

Athelstan Museum © David Forward

A little about David

When the Friends of Athelstan Museum took over the running of the museum from North Wilts District Council, David was one of the first volunteers to come forward. He soon set up their first website which was highly commended by people from the Wiltshire Museum Service and many others. He took on the task of photographing and scanning in as many of the items in the collection as possible and putting them up on his website. This very soon led to David becoming full time, often arriving before opening time and leaving after closing time as well as doing a seven day week for five years. David has lived in Malmesbury all his life and therefore has a wealth of local knowledge which he drew upon every day to inform visitors as well as other volunteers of the many unrecorded facts about the town and its people. He was also able to co-ordinate what went on during the week and inform the volunteers many of whom would never meet as most only did a two hour slot once a week. David was involved with all aspects of the daily running of the museum and fund raising events as well as meeting and greeting. He was also a committee member and helped in the transition from the old museum via its temporary location back into the town hall with its brand new National Lottery funded museum.


David Forward is one of the six children of Malmesbury Artists Colin & Sylvia Forward. Colin taught Art at Malmesbury Grammar School in the early 1950s and spent much of his life producing artwork for many local clubs and societies some of which he was a founding member. Sylvia was a trained Technical Illustrator and also did many pieces of advertising work for local community groups whilst her main artworks were in the form of hand knitted abstract and picture jumpers many of which sold to celebraties via a shop in Bath as well as selling to family friends.

David’s brother Tristan and sister Vieve are the two artists amongst the six children. Tristan is a highly technical painter and illustrator whilst Vieve is a very skilled story telling painter and illustrator. His other brothers and sisters have a vast wealth of experience in many other fields whilst David considers himself to be the Black Sheep of the family.

David doesn’t paint or draw but is highly influenced by the rest of his family and dabbles in photography, digital art and scrap metal sculpture.

Dave Lorenzo Forward © Valerie Diane Smith

Dave Lorenzo Forward © Valerie Diane Smith

18 August, 2014

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